Más Vida Club

Recommend, Help and Win

Nurse, Paramedic, TUM, carer, health aide, clinical collaborator u hospital, etc.


Más Vida Club es un programa de recompensa para colaboradores del área de salud que recomienden los servicios de Más Vida Movilidad.

How to participate (General description):

  1. Sign up filling out the form on this page and accepting the invitation to the group of Facebook.
  2. Recommend us after meeting our transportation services.
  3. Get your Benefits according to the rules of program operation.

All your information is safeguarded and protected according to our Privacy Policy. Your information will only be used for the purposes of this program and issues associated More Life Mobility.
The rules, terms and conditions of the program can download it here by clicking the league. You will also email once you register, It also will be published in the Facebook group for this program.

Please fill out the entire form, All fields are required.

Important: As a requirement, you must request to join the group of More Life Club on Facebook. Las instrucciones te llegarán por email una vez que envies este formulario.
Más Vida Club
Más Vida Club
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