Bed to Bed Service

Bed to Bed Service

This kind of service is for people unable to move at all and require physical assistance to be mobilized. They require an ambulance type service, although they are not in a medical emergency condition.

For example, a person whose health requires bed rest, or is not able to move around by himself, and needs to be transported to any destination, such as a doctor’s appointment or therapy. In a case like this, two of our Mobility Technicians will move the patient from bed to the stretcher or wheelchair and from there to the previously scheduled location. This will be done in a professional and friendly manner with the proper equipment, avoiding altering the current condition of your loved one.

This type of event may involve the use of additional equipment, as they may be:

• Scoop type stretcher
• Rigid stretcher
• Lifts and slings
• Transfer Sliders Boards
• Patient Lifts and immobilizer straps

The transportation unit offers sitting space for two companions next to the individual to be transferred.

Our service provides a stretcher or wheelchair for the entire trip, including during the time your appointment or therapy lasts. We retrieve the equipment once we leave your loved one at his or her final destination.

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