Curbside Service

Curbside service

We also provide a scheduled cab service for people who are not in a health care emergency and may be ready in their wheelchair when the unit arrives to pick them up.

For example, a person who, by himself or with the help of family members, can be moved to a wheelchair, manual or electrical, and needs to be transported to any destination, such as a medical appointment or therapy. One of our Mobility Technicians will be in charge of loading him/her into our transfer unit, setting up the necessary security systems and driving him/her to his/her destination. This will be done in a professional and friendly manner with the necessary security equipment so that your loved one will be safely transported.

Such service may involve the use of auxiliary equipment, as it might be:

  • Electric winch to lift the person into the unit, either for reasons of weight and/or safety.

The transfer unit provides the convenience of having space for two people to sit next to the one to be transferred.
Our service may include a wheelchair, if requested, during the entire trip, including the time your appointment lasts. We will retrieve the equipment once we leave the patient in his or her home.

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