Door to Door Service

Door to Door Service

We offer technical support for people who have some difficulty moving around, but have a personal caregiver or are strong enough to be moved, from their bed (or couch) to a wheelchair, with the assistance of one of our mobility technicians. Therefore, this type of service is ideal for individuals who are not in a medical emergency condition.

For instance, a person whose condition of weakness does not allow him to get out of bed, but he is strong enough to stand for a moment, and requires a trip to any destination, such as a doctor’s appointment or therapy. One of our Mobility Technicians, with the proper technique and equipment, will move him/her from the bed to the wheelchair. This will be done in a professional and friendly manner with the needed equipment, to avoid altering the current condition of your family member.

This kind of operation may involve the use of additional equipment, as they may be:

• Lifts and slings
• Transfer Sliders Boards
• Patients lifts

The transportation unit allows the option of up to two companions comfortably seated next to the patient to be transferred.

Our service provides wheelchair access for the entire duration of the trip, including the time spent at your appointment.

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