Featured Services

Featured Services

All transfers include:

Availability of a wheelchair for the safety and comfort of the individual.

Real-time video monitoring and GPS route tracking.

A companion (not belonging to Más Vida Movilidad) of the patient, designated at the time of contracting the service.

Sharing the transfer of your family member with another passenger who has a similar route or destination (except in the case of individual transfers).

Additional Services.

Individual transfer.

Exclusive and personalized service only for the patient and his/her companion.

Specialized transfer.

Moving a disabled person with a complex condition, such a broken hip, from an upper floor without an elevator.

Transfer in stretcher or other equipment.

Request a stretcher and/or technical equipment for the transfer.

Extended hours.

Schedule your transportation in extended hours.

Personal care.

Hire a Mas Vida Movilidad specialized caregiver to assist you throughout the move.

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